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Speech Recognition – Coming of Age!

Ever since I’ve been involved in the field of assistive technology there’s always been the hope that speech recognition could assist students with the writing process. While speech recognition has been effective for some of the students we work with, it hasn’t always worked out for the majority of the students …

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Lapworks Adds Two Great Tablet Accessories for the Teacher

Over the years I have reviewed several products from LapWorks, who has been manufacturing and selling fine accessories for laptops and tablets, but had not heard from them in years. But just last week, I received and email from them announcing some new products for iPads and tablets that I just had …

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Vernier Go Wireless Link: Creating New Opportunities for Mobile Data Collection

It certainly is exciting times to be involved in the field of educational technology and if your are a science teacher there is even more opportunities with your existing classroom technology to take advantage of using science probeware in your classroom. If you have been following my blog, you know how passionate I …

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Science Under the Lens: ProScope Micro Mobile from Vernier

Getting students engaged in the learning process is paramount these days and what better way to do this than with computer technology. As our American education is going through a transformation there is an understanding that the students in our classrooms today need to become well versed in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Looking …

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Presented at the Teacher Meetup NJ 2013 Unconference Today

What other profession do you know of, that would sacrifice a whole day for professional development without pay? Welcome to the world of teaching and the un-conference model which is turning the world of professional development on its heels. Today more than 200 teachers arrived at Richard Stockton College for …

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